VR – Theosus


Project Time: Weekend gamejam, 3 days
Engine: Unity

• Maya: All models in the game were created in Maya, all buildings and
a few other models were created by me
The terrain and environment was built by me with the models we created
 Custom sounds and voice acting
 Audacity was used to pitch and change sounds
The controls, tutorial screen and movement for villagers and soldiers was custom made

Group members:

Graphical Artist
 Camilla Spånberg

Level Designer
 William Falck

 Nicolas Gustafsson
 Ylva Werner
 Simon Skogsrydh
 Oliver Andersen

What I learned

  • Creation and editing of environments in a Virtual Reality Game.
  • Working side by side with a team with little time on our hands.
  • The joy of creating a Virtual world!

Project Start

When the game jam started we got some introduction by Coffeestain Studios and then gathered in small groups of 6-7 people.
We each grabbed some tea and coffee and then started to brainstorm and google to get some inspiration. After a short while, we decided to go with the game Black and White 2 where the player interacts with everything as a godly hand able to pick up all objects in the world.

Our controls were quite simple and easy to understand and use. In order to move the player had to “drag” themselves forward by pressing the index finger button and dragging inwards, much like dragging yourself forward using a rope. To zoom in and out both index finger buttons had to be pushed down and the controls were moved inwards or outwards, like swimming. And finally, to pick something up we had the thumb control.

Game jammin’

Some of the different things added to the game were weight to make sure things didn’t float around for all eternity. The jumping movement of the villagers. Exploding pigs which we then used as ammunition for the catapults. Objects colliding with each other and simple physics.

With these components, we made a small and simple world where the player can grab anything they see and move it around. In order to give the game a little twist, we recorded a few terrified voices and when a soldier or villager is picked up or thrown the let out a small scream. I also gave the idea of adding the popular music Zorba to play in the background while playing. With the time we had, I think we managed to create quite a fun and beautiful little game.