Unreal Engine: Heldskalf


Project Time: 1 Week 50%
Engine: Unreal Engine 4.18
Game Type: Exploration, RPG, Walking Simulator
Assets: Assets from Infinity, Epic Games and Marketplace

What I learned

  • Unreal Engine lighting, fog and atmosphere settings.
  • Planning and creating a project under a short time.
  • Updated my UE4 blueprint knowledge and skill.
  • Effective placement of objects and points of interest in an RPG setting.
  • Creating a playable environment in Unreal Engine.

Gameplay Video



Creating this piece was an absolute joy. When I started the project I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted to create and learn. First off, I started sketching environments and layouts to get a clear view of what I could do with the time given.
It was quite some time since I last worked in Unreal Engine, updating myself through videos and forums helped a lot and after some experimentation, failure and success I quickly got a hand of the node system to a point where I could make use my new knowledge.
I decided to create at least 2 different interactable objects. Drawbridges which were triggered using panels and interactable chests. The bridges were really fun to make and required a lot of testing to make them work as intended.
The Chests where made by toggling between the visibility
of one closed and one open chest. I also added 2 bright effects from the Inifinty effects pack to give some effect when opening them and hide the shifting of models.
I also added sounds I customized which I had from previous projects and the internet.

Nature and Environment

I already had a fairly clear idea of what kind of setting I wanted and I took inspiration from Skyrim and Darksiders 2.
Mixing fantasy and “mechanical” is a theme they have in both games and is typical but none the less fun and effective.
About half of the trees and bushes in the playable area was “painted” using the Unreal Engines built in foliage tool and the rest was placed either using “Single Instance Mode”, allowing me to place single objects or placed by hand in order to make it look natural. The sun and fog were set to give the scene a bright and warm feeling, the ambient sounds of singing birds and blowing wind also helped to bring the level to life. A lot of the terrain was remade and iterated upon as I playtested and measured.
Placing points of interest and view over certain areas where also a large part of the design.

The project was a fun challenge and I feel that I have learned and accomplished a lot in a short time. I am overall pleased with the result and will most likely work on a larger hobby-project in the future.

Slider showing the Finished Product

Slider showing WIP Pictures