Unity C# – Cruiser Assault


Project Time: 2 weeks 50%
Game: Created in Unity using C#

Programs used:

• Unity C#
• Photoshop
• Audacity

What I learned

  • Creating a C# game by using the current knowledge I have and searching for answers elsewhere to achieve the desired result.
  • Creation of UI both technically and visually.
  • Playtesting and balancing of a Shoot ém up game.
  • Loading scenes in Unity using scripting commands.

Visual yet Enjoyable

When we were handed the assignment I instantly knew I wanted to make the game both fun gameplay wise but also visually appealing for my own sake. I knew I couldn’t focus too much on the graphical part so I chose basic sprites from the internet which I then customized and edited in Photoshop.
It was an incredibly enjoyable project were I at first struggled to learn the basics but later experimented with more movable objects, visual effects, particles and bullet types.

The project required the following:

  • A movable player Character using the arrow keys
  • A boss and playable character with visible health and attacks
  • Several phases which the boss went through as it lost health
  • Turrets and lethal parts on the boss that blinked red when damaged

Tower Types

To make it easier for me to keep track of everything I created a few easily customizable behaviors which I easily could change in the engine.
With these customizable parameters, I could easily change the turrets however I liked and balance the gameplay without any major changes in the scripts.

Tower Attack Options

  • Attack Timer: The time in-between bullets fired.
  • Reload Timer: Time in between bullets or bullet rounds.
  • Bullet Limit: Amount of bullets shot each time.
  • Projectile: Any projectile could be used.
  • Health: Health value of the turret.
  • Faced Object: Any object, most turrets had the player plane already set in the prefab.

The Turret will proceed to shoot all bullets set in Bullet limit with a latency from the reload timer and then wait based on the Attack timer until next round of bullets.
Example: Attack Timer = 6, Reload Timer = 3, Bullet Limit = 5. The Turret will shoot 5 bullets 3 seconds apart and then wait 6 seconds until it shoots again.

Tower Types

  • Anti-air: Small Turret with relatively low health and quick attack. Ment to serve as basic “bullet-hell” turret.
  • Cannon Turret: Fires a single slow-moving shell. Only used in first and second phase.
  • Scatter Turret: Fires a shell like the Canon Tower which then scatters 8 smaller bullets every X seconds in 8 directions.
  • Laser Turret: Fires a red beam straight out from the barrel dealing quick ticking damage. 
  • Rocket Turret: Triple Barreled Turret with player-seeking missiles. Each missile has a script which allows it to follow the player in a curve until it dies. Implemented to give the player a threat they simply couldn’t avoid by moving once.

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