Turn Based Strategy: The Punchess

The Punchess is a Turn-based Strategy game based on Fire Emblem as reference. The story in short is about the Punchess herself, her Cleric butler and an Archer they save along the way. The three join together and fight their way to the Punchess sister who’ve stolen the Kingdoms defense crystal and it’s guardian Golems for herself.


  • School Project: 8 weeks(50%)
  • Team Size: 11
  • 2 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Emil Glans
  • 4 Graphical artists
    Ian Pearce
    Amanda Hakim
    Alexander Samuelsson
    Anna Jönsson
  • 5 Programmers
    Nicolas Gustafsson
    Angelo Logahd
    Daniel Nordlund
    Emil Hansson
    Kevin Zachrisson

My Contribution

  • Level Design
  • Enemy Design and balancing
  • Story Writing