Sun Dog: Vertigo Rush

Vertigo Rush is a Single Player racing game inspired by F-Zero and Redout. The game offers 6 different tracks, 3 different Vehicles and supports X-box controls. Unlike other racing games the speed is extremely fast and all tracks go wild in loops, upside down, rolls and are set in the sky.


  • School Project: 9 weeks(50%)
  • Team Size: 13
  • 3 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Björn Månsson
    Olivia van den Born
  • 4 Graphical artists
    Simon Ochsenius
    Camilla Spånberg
    Anders Johansson
    Susanne Sühl
  • 6 Programmers
    Leon Yao
    Nicolas Gustafsson
    Tobias Jansson
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    Jonas Sandroos
    Alexander Håkansson

My Contribution

  • Track Design and creation
  • Environment Art
  • Sound


Vertigo Rush is a fast paced racing game with Redout and F-zero as reference games. The project theme was about 3D space, making our own game engine and being able to move in all 3 directions, Y, X and Z.
Our initial idea and design (like most others) was to create a space shooter but as we had some trouble picking our reference game and that was when we started to look into racing games.

As Level Designers, our first task was to draw a fetch sketches of tracks and ideas we had. As we worked we made sure to keep the Graphical artists and Programmers updated to check what pieces we could create to limit the work and what the engine could handle.

A few of my tasks during the project was to record “ghost” enemies which the player then would race against, create test tracks, find suitable sounds, place assets and details around the map and the creation of 2/6 main tracks.