Sun Dog: Trials of Karakk

Trials of Karakk is a third person single player hack n slash inspired by Furi. The main character has been trapped in a mountain where she must complete a number of trials before she is allowed to leave. These trials consist of killing boss creatures with several types of abilities in their arsenal.


  • School Project: 9 weeks(50%)
  • Team Size: 13
  • 3 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Björn Månsson
    Olivia van den Born
  • 4 Graphical artists
    Simon Ochsenius
    Camilla Spånberg
    Anders Johansson
    Susanne Sühl
  • 6 Programmers
    Leon Yao
    Nicolas Gustafsson
    Tobias Jansson
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    Jonas Sandroos
    Alexander Håkansson

My Contribution

  • Boss Design
  • Environmental Art
  • Level Design
  • Scripting


We chose to use Furi as our reference game with gameplay that requires good reflexes and bosses as the center of the gameplay. The player has the ability to shoot small shoots, dash for a short distance, use melee attacks and block incoming projectiles. Due to the short duration, the block is active it requires good timing to block an incoming attack.

Each boss has a wide array of different abilities at their disposal which wary from missiles, outgoing circles or aoe in specific areas. Our project group decided to create 3 individual bosses with different looks, color and attack types. The third boss is quick, teleports and shoots small shards of waves towards the player. The Second boss is a large, immobile tree with a stone head with pulsing, slow aoes and cones going outwards constantly.

I was tasked with creating the first boss. A large coal golem without legs, dragging itself slowly towards the player with a massive right arm.
His abilities included hurling rocks, smashing the ground to force a cave-in with builders falling in random spots in the room, a cleaving attack and were designed to make use of weight and surroundings.

When I saw the concepts of the coal golem with its obsidian black and red glow inside I instantly thought of a grill and the increasing heat when you blow on it. With this in mind, I took inspiration from the movie Wrath of the Titans when Kronos sweeps his arm in an outward movement, raining down lava on the Greek armies. With the outwards swing I figured the golem would overheat to quite extreme temperatures and so I used it to design an attack where he sends several fireballs straight out in a cone shape towards the player.

Appart from different attacks we also had a phase system. When the boss reached 0 health they simply changed to the next phase with full health and the addition of new abilities and old ones. Adding and removing abilities from the boss each phase made it fun cause you never really knew what to expect.
To make it fair we gave each boss attack a unique animation with a slight channel/preparation one or two seconds long beforehand.