Sun Dog: Hooked on Speed

Hooked on Speed is a multiplayer racing game were 2 – 4 players can compete on 6 different tracks and one tutorial level. We used Speedrunners as our reference and tried to implement as much of the gameplay feeling from the original game as we could, used the Speedrunners map editor to create “dummy maps” which we then created in Unity and added ideas of our own.


  • School Project: 10 weeks(100%)
  • Team Size: 14
  • 3 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Björn Månsson
    Olivia van den Born
  • 5 Graphical artists
    Simon Ochsenius
    Camilla Spånberg
    Anders Johansson
    Susanne Sühl
    Michael Hansen
  • Programmers 6 
    Leon Yao
    Nicolas Gustafsson
    Tobias Jansson
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    Jonas Sandroos
    Alexander Håkansson

My Contribution

  • Map Layout
  • Propping and details
  • Placement of pick-ups
  • Placement of enemies
  • Enemy Balancing


The gameplay is all about keeping your character ahead of everyone else. All players share camera view, the camera is fixed on a middle point between all players but if someone is to slow and leave the view they instantly lose. The further ahead the lead player is the further it zooms, to a certain point.

When we started the project we had several games in mind but finally settled on Speedrunners cause of it’s simple yet fun gameplay. The  main things we needed was map collision, smooth player controls, power-ups and a camera that followed all players and zoomed out and in.

As Level Designers we first made paper sketches of our maps and then built them in the original Speedrunners level editor to try them out. They then went through a lot of rework and tweaking as we played and got feedback from other people.