Sun Dog: Delivering Haven

Delivering Haven is a First Person Shooter inspired by Painkiller. The main character is a Nepalese rebel. The weapons available is a machinegun with a chainsaw on the front for melee combat, a chaingun, and the iconic stakegun from the original Painkiller games.


  • School Project: 9 weeks(50%)
  • In-house Engine
  • Team Size: 14
  • 3 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Björn Månsson
    Olivia van den Born
  • 5 Graphical artists
    Simon Ochsenius
    Camilla Spånberg
    Anders Johansson
    Susanne Sühl
    Michael Hansen
  • 6 Programmers
    Leon Yao
    Nicolas Gustafsson
    Tobias Jansson
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    Jonas Sandroos
    Alexander Håkansson

My Contribution

  • Map Layout
  • Proping and details
  • Placement of pick-ups
  • Placement of enemies
  • Enemy Balancing