Shoot Em’ Up: Neonite

Neonite is a Shoot em’ up game located in a fictional sci-fi world where the player controls a bipedal robot.
The reference game is Bastion but settled in a sci-fi universe, the main goal is to defeat all enemy robots and reach the end of each level. The final goal is to reach the great hive-mind core to free all robots from it’s tyranny.


  • School Project: 8 weeks(50%)
  • In-house Engine
  • Team Size: 13
  • 3 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Olivia Van den Born
    Julia Holmlund
  • 3 Graphical artists
    Elise Fogelström
    Anders Bo Johansson
    Alexander Samuelsson
  • 7 Programmers
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    Legato Nè Mikael
    Simon Skogsrydh
    Hampus Huledal
    Anders Löfquist
    Tobias Jansson
    GP Yang

My Contribution

  • Level Design
  • Enemy Design
  • Story Writing


My main responsibilities as a Level Designer was to create levels using a 2D program called tiled. I also helped with the different enemy designs, health, attack types and placement.
As part of our graphical design we had neon lines running along the ground as a way to lead the player. The lines were a nice context to the otherwise mostly grey environment and gave the game a unique feeling.

We only had straight lines and corners to work with but I quickly invented a few patterns and had the lines go in two lines against corners and edges to make them a little more interesting. Each map had it’s own patterns and on the final map I even created color patterns in a gradient from white to red with orange and yellow in between.