Point and Click: Settlers of Hozanek

Settlers of Hozanek is a point and click adventure game taking place in a dormant spaceship on collision course with the very planet it’s tasked to start a new civilization on. The only person who wakes up in time is you, the ships Captain and it is your task to save all settlers or abandon ship.


  • School Project: 8 weeks(50%)
  • In-house Engine
  • Team Size: 11
  • 2 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Diana Riveiro
  • 3 Graphical artists
    Simon Alenius
    Alexander Samuelsson
    Emil Assarsson
    Conny Nordlund
  • 6 Programmers
    Jonas Sandroos
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    GP Yang
    Anthony Eriksson
    Hampus Huledal
    Carl Berger

My Contribution

  • Level Design
  • Puzzle Design
  • Story Writing



The player start the adventure inside a sleeping pod, at first unaware of the danger but quickly realize he/she is the only person awake with the ship heading at top speed straight towards the planed destination.
After further investigation it is discovered that someone has been meddling with the ship manually and sabotaged the system.

The gameplay revolves completely around puzzle solving and combining items to grant access to new areas and rooms.  Each room also serve a specific purspose as a laboratory, science facility, engine room etc.
We tried to make sure the player backtrack as much as possible to make use of the rooms at least twice.
Some rooms were covered in darkness due to lack of power but as the player progressed the lit up and offered more puzzles and items that had previously been hidden.

Some puzzles resolve around combining different items or ingredients into other items which then could be used to move forward, the game resolved around puzzles and the players figuring things out by themselves.
Apart from puzzles or items there were also objects in the room that could be activated to reveal hidden caches, items or levers.