Contact & CV

William Falck

Phone: +46(0) 72-3092900
Current Location: Stockholm, Sweden

About me

For as long as I can remember I have carried a sketchbook with me which I’ve, during breaks, travels and before sleeping, have drawn and typed down game ideas, maps, game encounters and creatures. I have a deep passion for design and creating, whether it is small, detailed or big I enjoy the process of progress.
A strong bond with nature and landscapes from my childhood, a love for games and a constantly active mind for creating inspired me to become a Level- and Game-Designer.

Level design is something I love working with both as a job and as a fun hobby.
Apart from visual design, I have a good ear for music and sounds and I love imitating actors and characters from games and movies.
For me, it is important that the aesthetics and technical work well together.



2015/09/01 – 2018/04/25 The Game Assembly

2010/09/29 – 2013/06/14 Realgymnasiet Norrköping

Advanced Diploma in Higher Vocational Education in Level Design.

Interactive Media and 3D



Agile Development

I handle the engine effortlessly.
I handle the program well.
I handle the engine well.
I handle the engine effortlessly.
I handle the program effortlessly.
I handle the language well.
Comfortable but inexperienced.

Worked in groups of 10-15 people creating 8 games as part of the educational program at The Game Assembly.

2019 9 Sep – 24 Aug Two month Internship at Crazy Pictures and Läsk AB as Scenography and Props assistant

2017-2018 8 month long internship at Station Interactive

2015-2016  Nordic Game Conference

2012-2013 and 2017  Silversmithing

2014  Drivers License


2019 Jan 11 – April 10 Bartender at Done Right, Cambodia

2010-2018  Åre Strandgård AB

Opened, closed and took care of the store independently, worked as Cashier and took care of customers.


Swedish        Native language
English          Full professional proficiency