Point and Click: Chuck Steele

Chuck Steele is a point and click game were you guide your character through an evil masterminds headquarter to free the slaves within. The game takes place in a large lab/factory with combination puzzles, dialogues and events.


  • School Project: 8 weeks(50%)
  • Team Size: 10
  • Level Editor: TGA Editor
  • 2 Level Designers
    William Falck
    Lars Karlsson
  • 4 Graphical artists
    Ian Pearce
    Anna Jönsson
    Anders Bo Johansson
  • 6 Programmers
    Tobias Erlandsson
    Leon Yao
    Erik Ahlund Helguera
    Angelo Logahd
    Marcus Malmqvist
    Tobias Jansson

My Contribution

  • Level Design
  • Puzzle Design
  • Story Writing
  • Lua Scripting


The gameplay is a settled in a 2D world with puzzles and dialogue events with exploration at the center. When we first started the project our group wrote down anything that came to mind, we then proceeded to discuss what words we liked and what ideas we could combine.

We then settled for a story which we then could base our design and puzzles from. Me and Lars (the groups second Level Designer) quickly drew a top-down blueprint of all the rooms and different ways the player would progress.
We tried to give each room a certain design that worked with the story but also gave the character an item they could use later on as a “key”.